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PC GoFast in Nampa, Idaho

PC GoFast is one of the most popular services we offer.
Cleaning and tuning your PC keeps it secure, makes it last longer, and helps it run much smoother and faster. The flat rate fee and quick turn-around time typically of 24 hours makes this product a service leader. Ask anyone that has had a 'PC GoFast' and they will tell you how much better their computer looked and felt afterward.
Think about your PC like you do your car. It needs a regular check-up every 6 months to a year to keep it healthy and secure.
Don't be fooled by the cheap guys "$25 PC Cleanup" signs. We don't trick you into buying more later and we just have more experience. Period.


Shop Rate / Remote Desktop / Phone Support$75.00 per hour
Minimum fee of$37.50
Remote Server Check$95.00 Flat Fee
PC GoFast Service (Tune your machine)$95.00 Flat Fee
Wipe and Reload$125.00 Flat Fee
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